9 Creative Ways to Add Sunshine to Your Life

Where does your sunshine come from?

Everyone has little weird and quirky things they do that they tend to either be really loud about or too shy to admit. I want to share with you the little things I’ve made important in my life that pull me through the tough times and give me reasons for my heart to pulse with joy. Happiness is up to you, so what do you do to create it? These are things that have proven to put a smile on my face, while guaranteeing to make everyone around laugh at my silly habits.


  1. Celebrate Everything! – I know this sounds insane and you are probably saying to yourself, “but if I celebrate everything, that makes nothing special or takes away the excitement of a true celebration.” Even though I completely understand this logic, I disagree with this take on life. Let me show you how I take advantage of constant celebration. For example, I am OBSESSED with birthdays and my glorious day lands on August 19th (08/19). So one way that I celebrate everything is by celebrating myself twice a day. 8:19am and 8:19pm. Now, let’s not get too crazy, it’s not like I stop my life and set alarms for this minute to celebrate the minute, but if I do happen to catch this time on a clock, you best believe I’ll be dancing and enjoying the blessing of being me. And ya know what? You should do the same. Love yourself. Celebrate yourself. Creating minutes of happiness doesn’t hurt anyone. Don’t think I don’t celebrate the 19th of every month. I use it like a mini treat-yo-self day, by buying myself a favorite snack or dressing up a little nicer to celebrate my 24.083 repeating (09/19: 1/12) birthaversary. 🙂 And yes, half birthdays are obviously REAL events.
  2. One Month Challenges – To make you try something new. To practice your self control. To learn about a new community. To experience a new way of life. To switch things up and add a little change to your schedule. For example, I went from a full-fledged meat eater to a vegetarian. I didn’t expect to learn so much and feel so different. This type of change forces you to explore new restaurants, menu options and can surprise you with new delicious tastes you didn’t know existed. Another monthly challenge I tackle are sober months. No alcohol. I’m a girl who loves her wine but giving it up for a month at a time always results in weight less, energy gains and a fatter wallet. What about that doesn’t scream “YAY!”?
  3. Adventure Near If Not Far – Whether it’s a weekend trip to the beach, a day trip to the nearest lake you see on google maps or an adventure to a part of town you haven’t explored before, go with the mind of an adventuress. Weekend trips are an option for everyone, whether you admit it or not. Carless? Bus tickets can take you just about anywhere and they are extremely cheap. Gotobus.com is my favorite bus ticket destination for the those of us living in the states. Don’t underestimate the entertainment level of these bus rides. I’ve meet quite the characters. I highly recommend. 🙂
  4. Closet Cleanse – Clean out your closet and make sure to shower yourself first in all the things you plan on giving away. For qualifying research only, of course. Keep and wear only things that you love. Why dress the way the world wants you to if you don’t want to? Embrace YOU. Next to my closet I have a style-inspo board that channels my inner fabulousity even when I wake up feeling groggy and unmotivated to strut my stuff. Sharing the true me with the world, not only brings my confidence, but MAKES me confident. If you wear YOU proudly, no one will question it.
  5. Dance in the Mirror – LOVE YOURSELF. Whip your hair. Practice twerking. Lift your chin and pout those lips. Sing into your hair brush. Sound a bit narcissistic? Eh, who isn’t? It is called “me time,” am I right?
  6. Read, Read, Read – I’m a book fanatic, which means I’m never reading less than 3 books at a time. Yes, it takes a little longer to finish one book of course but it gives the option to choose which fantasy land I want to be a part of or learn about at any given time. It’s key to make sure that each book is of a different genre. For example, I’m currently reading a novel, Shantaram, a biography called Without You, There Is No Us: Undercover Among the Sons of North Korea’s Elite, and a self-help book called A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose. This allows my reading to match my mood and my kindle makes this incredibly convenient. Escape into a fantasy world or teach yourself something new. You are never done learning.
  7. Drive NOwhere – Take a wrong turn on purpose! Go see what’s down that street you always pass on the way to work or take a random exit to simply learn what’s there. GET OUT OF THE CAR. It is not a cage.
  8. Give Compliments – Think about how a random compliment from a stranger feels. Give that feeling to others. It feels great on this side too. “You have to give good energy to get good energy.”
  9. Surround Yourself with Beauty – I know that I work better with a beautiful view in front of me. I like searching for cafes or bookstores with big windows on their top floors. If you can’t get out of your house, make sure you are satisfying all of your senses. Light your favorite candle, buy yourself flowers (and when they begin to die- throw them away before the site becomes depressing), splurge on your artwork and keep the rainbow Christmas lights up and on all year long. Personally, I can not function in a bare walls. If you aren’t the type of person motivated by your physical environment, surround yourself with positive people who will shoot beams of sunshine onto you that’ll warm you up and get you cookin’.

I hope you have fun adding a few more celebrations to your life! I’m interested to know how these habits have affected your day-to-day lifestyle! I’d love it if you contacted me with additional ideas or stories about your extra mini celebrations. If my ideas don’t fit your style, you could always use my brother’s method of what he calls “the sideways, Tiger Woods, WOOHOO, arm pump.” It’s an undoubtedly fun and always amusing way to tell the neighbors that you’re feeling an OOUUU KILLUM attitude today.

Oh yeah and guys, if you happen to live near a place with of a view of the sky nearby (eh-hem)… wake up for sunrise!

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