About Me

I’m Sam. The girl in the adventures and behind the blog of Every Country Smiles.

I’m a travel obsessed, twenty-something addicted to discovering and exposing happiness everywhere.

“What’s my story” thrown up into one paragraph:
I’m a business college graduate who took her degree and ran away to the opposite side of the world on an impulse decision. Which of course, yes, was the greatest decision of my life. I taught English in South Korea for a year and then moved on to being the wildest type of human working as a tour guide for Vietnam’s most infamous Halong Bay booze cruise/party island. From months of dedicating my life to starting the party and destroying my liver, I grabbed a backpack that was bigger than my body and meandered through Vietnam, into Myanmar and eventually onto Bali, Indonesia. This gorgeous island is where my life became a little less fabulous, by breaking my face and knee in a motorbike accident (It was the local’s fault, I swear by it!). This form of whipping my hair back and forth forced me out of a backpacker’s lifestyle and back to my suburban home in North Carolina.

So here I am, currently tied to an overload of doctor appointments but refusing to stand in one place and conform to the norm of the “American Dream.” When you find what you’re passionate about, don’t aim for your backup plan.